Top 11 Best Casinos in Goa to Try Your Luck

Goa is the highest-rated location for travelers searching for the most popular and best casinos in India. These are famous for incredible games, drinks and food, high energy, music, and various games. These activities make Goa casinos so renowned worldwide. As Goa has legalized gambling, it is an additional advantage for gambling lovers. Therefore, people can enjoy the night away in these fantastic Goa casinos. Every Casino is unique in its way, which attracts customers from all over the world. If you call yourself lucky when it comes to games that involve all the luck you need in the world, then we have created a list of the best Casinos.

Big Daddy Casino

This Casino is located at the shores of the Mandovi River. A separate floor has been built with a VIP gaming room that is just for people who are high rollers and consists of tables with “no limits,” meaning no bar on the number of stakes.

You can book the VIP Gaming lounges, which are available on pre-booking. Some famous games that you can play at Big Daddy Casino are Roulette, Texas Hold ’em, Rashi Wheel, Baccarat, 5 Card Poker, 3 Card Poker, Indian Flush, Casino War, etc. These lounges provide a luxurious feel. The Casino also serves the most fantastic world cuisines in the barbeque areas and the casino restaurants. It also consists of international artists and DJs performing live music and dance performances and gaming areas for kids.

  • Location: Captain of Ports Jetty, Panaji, Goa.
  • Fee: INR 2000 – INR 3500
  • Timings: Weekdays and weekends, 24 hours

Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royale is another most popular and the oldest casino in Goa. This Casino has a large assortment of games, which is also called the gamer’s paradise. The Casino is spread over 40,000 sq feet and consists of four floors along with 123 tables for gaming. It holds a Royale Poker Room, which is specially made for Poker and it is the only one in the whole country. For people who play Indian Flush, there is a specially made Taash room too. Deltin Royale casino is built on a ship that floats on the Mandovi River and is considered one of Goa’s best casinos.

Along with these, it holds many luxurious rooms which offer evident satisfaction for the gamblers. The Casino provides energetic and unique games along with some delicious food combos and beverages. The Casino also boasts of a multi-cuisine restaurant, a kids zone, and an entertainment area.

  • Location: Panjim, Goa
  • Fee: 2000 INR on weekdays and 3000 INR on weekends
  • Timings: Open 24 x 7
  • Specialties: consist of luxurious lounges and deluxe VIP gaming suites for playing a wide collection of games.
  • Packages: Unlimited entertainment along with drinks and food

Deltin Jaqk

This Casino was previously known as Casino Royale, which was later named Deltin Jaqk in 2013. It consists of three floors of 12,000 sq feet with 30 machines and 50 tables. The Casino offers more than 350 varieties of games like Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, etc.

This Casino is a perfect place for starters or beginners as it holds a particular learner’s table where one gets to learn about the game’s rules. It also contains a restaurant and a bar.

  • Location: Fisheries Jetty in Panjim, Goa.
  • Entry Fee: 2,500 INR (Monday-Thursday), 3,500 INR (Friday- Sunday)
  • Timings: 24 X7
  • Specialties: Kids room, luxurious design, onboard ATM

Casino Carnival

Next on the list is Casino Carnival, which is also one of its kind casinos in Goa. It is located at two places, one of which is in the newly built Marriott Resort in Panjim and the other one is on a boat on Mandovi river. The Casino is spread over four decks and consists of something for every age group. The Casino was first established in the year 2001.

This Casino is built in a vast room which is specially made in the Marriott hotel. The Casino holds slot machines and e-gaming counters for American Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack. You can leave your kids in the kid’s zone provided by the Casino to enjoy a peaceful night at the Casino. The Casino consists of an Entertainment Deck, which is considered one of the best by people all over India.

  • Location: Miramar, Panjim, Goa
  • Cost: INR 1,000, 500 rupees
  • Timings: 24 hours.
  • Games: Baccarat, Roulette, slot machines, and Blackjack.
  • Packages: Limitless drinks and food with the gaming table.

Casino Pride

From the name, one can point out that the Casino is the pride casino of Goa. It is large enough, and it can accommodate a vast amount of guests, creating no havoc for them. The Casino Pride is a little cheaper than the other casinos on this list, but it still attracts India’s high rollers. People come here to play games like teen Patti and other games and host huge poker tournaments along with incredible live performances. The Casino has three floors and is spread across 30000 square feet along with a 10000 square feet deck for parties.

The ceiling is gold embellished, which gives the whole Casino a royal feel. It holds plenty of games for adults and kids and offers them newly updated electronic games too.

  • Location: Panjim in Goa
  • Specialties: multi-cuisine establishments, Separate rooms for kids, bar, and barbeque
  • Entry fee: INR 1500 on weekdays and INR 2000 on weekends
  • Packages: Limitless drinks and food with the gaming table.
  • Time: 24 x7

Casino Strike

This Casino is situated on land at Grand Hyatt. It is considered the largest Casino among all the other onshore casinos. It is well-noted for its world-class, elegant gaming rooms. The Casino has three floors, primary floor, the VIP floor, the floor of the high roller. The Casino can keep you involved in gaming for a long time with many exciting games like Baccarat, Roulette, Black Jack, Mini Flush, etc.

You can also indulge in the fine dine experience in Cilantro or try the international malts and cocktails in the Casino bars. You can also enjoy entertainment and performances by dancers like they do in Vegas and the live DJ all night.

  • Location: Grand Hyatt, Bambolim, Goa.
  • Timings: 24 x 7
  • Entry fee: INR 2,000 on weekdays and 2,500 rupees on weekends
  • Specialties: Russian dancers, kids gaming zone, DJ, playstation games
  • Packages: Limitless drinks and food with the gaming table.

Chances Casino

Next on the list is Chances Casino which offers plenty of games with luxurious and spacious surroundings. This Casino has been the trendsetter in Goa. Chance Casino is located in the unpopulated and peaceful Dona Paula in Vainguinim Valley near Panjim. The luxurious hotel, which has 53 rooms, offers a portion of itself to the Casino.

The Casino is famous for providing a specific gaming style with an exquisite surrounding; it is one of the biggest onshore casinos in Goa. It provides games like mini-baccarat, electronic roulette, American Roulette, video slots, slot machines, electronic blackjack.

  • Location: At Dona Paula in Goa
  • Specialties: Wi-Fi, delicious cuisines, Kids garden, live music, Spa
  • Cost: 750 INR and 2000 INR in December
  • Timings: 1100 to 1600 hours
  • Packages: unlimited drinks and food for the players

Casino Paradise

The following Casino is called the paradise for gaming lovers. They have installed the most advanced and best games in this Casino. The best version of the games is available in Casino Paradise. Spread across 5000 sq. ft. It allows a new and fully high-tech gaming experience.

You can play games like blackjack, Digital roulette, Robotic Arm Baccarat, mini flush, and baccarat here. The Casino houses a variety of slot machines. Its advanced, luxurious, and spacious arrangements attract people from everywhere.

  • Address: Panjim, Goa
  • Specialties: Luxurious spacing, Digital gaming, pool, Spa, deluxe rooms, and sauna
  • Price: INR 1000
  • Timings: 24 X 7
  • Packages: Endless food and drinks with a fantastic gaming experience

Crown Casino

It is a recently constructed establishment in the rising casino industry in Goa. It is located in Crown Hotel, the best five-star resort; it is an SOL industry masterpiece built on the first floor. It offers various games such as Roulette, Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold ’em together, Double Diamond and Black Jack, Video Roulette, Lucky 7, Wheel of Fortune Video Poker.

Apart From getting an exciting experience, the art rooms full of guests are offered with the best gourmet at the High Garden and Harbor Cafe. The clear glass gives a fantastic glimpse of the River while betting on your tables. This gives the people full enjoyment.

  • Location: Crown Casino, Panjim, Goa
  • Entry fee: 1000 INR
  • Timings: 24 X 7
  • Packages: Limitless drinks and food with the table.

Dunes – The Casino

The following Casino on this list is Dunes- the Casino. It is located at the elegant resort at Zuri Sands. It has numerous gaming sections—Baccarat, roulette, flush rummy, blackjack, three cards Poker, etc.

The hotel holds 154 guest rooms, and the guests are welcomed and taken care of in a grand manner. The resort also claims the largest swimming pool. The resort consists of a children’s pool, wooden bridges, and a swim-up bar. Palm trees beautifully surround the entire resort.

  • Location: Zuri White Sands Resort.
  • Price: Rs. 700.
  • Timings: 24 X 7
  • Specialties: wooden bridges, waterfall, kiddy pool and Swimming pool
  • Packages: Unlimited multi-cuisine delicious drinks and food

Grand 7 Casino

The last Casino on the list is the Grand 7 Casino, located on a beautiful terrain. The luxurious hotel is built near the fabulous Candolim Beach. This is the most famous Casino in Goa, holding various games and slot machines to play like Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Mini Flush, etc. One can enjoy gaming, international cuisine, and beverages at the restaurant. The Casino offers dance and music performances by dancers and DJs.

One can also access the swimming pool and Spa. This promotes relaxation while admiring the stunning views of the famous Arabian Sea. It is also popular as many Indian celebrities often pay a visit after long hours of the shoot.

  • Location: O’ Hotel, Candolim, Bardez, Goa.
  • Price: INR 1,500
  • Timings: 24 X 7
  • Specialties: Comfortable staying, well-trained staff, luxurious entrance, and great music
  • Packages: Unlimited drinks and food with the gaming table

While traveling to Goa, these are the best Goa casinos ever established. Every year plenty of tourists come to Goa for its exquisite casinos. These luxurious casinos offer the most satisfactory services that one needs after heavy work. The spots give you the best experience without any interventions and are excellent choices to try out for vacations.

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