8 Famous International Lottery Winners from India

Winning millions in a mega international lottery is simply a dream come true for most individuals across the globe. There are very less lucky winners who have lived this moment and succeeded in achieving this feat. Few Indians have made it big in international lotteries like the Mega Millions and US Powerball that can be accessed online quite easily.

This post will talk about the top 5 famous international lottery winners from India who won ground-breaking amounts. Let’s look at their journey carefully and know how their lives completely changed.

1) Nandlall Mangal

Nandlall Mangal

Nandlall Mangal won an insane jackpot of more than US$ 245 million by participating in a US Powerball draw that happens in 2018. He is an Indo-Guyanese carpenter who bought this ticket for just US$ 6 from the Stop & Shop located in Staten Island. He appointed a trust named “Sea & Sand” for handling the transactions on his behalf.

An amazing thing about this winner is he stays relaxed after winning and even goes to his job like any other day. Despite winning big, Mr. Mangal went on to live a normal life and used most of his earnings on traveling.

2) Sandeep Sunny Singh

Sandeep Singh

The next one Sandeep Sunny Singh is one of the youngest international lottery winners who won an amount of US$ 30.5 million at the age of just 22 years. His girlfriend dumped him just few days back that made his story like a Bollywood movie. He invested only $ 4 for winning this lotto ticket that changed the fortune for him.

Singh received US$ 23 million after-tax deductions that are still a solid amount. It is hard to understand how regretful his ex-girlfriend should have been thinking about the decision to leave him.

3) Tahir Ali

The list of popular Indian international lottery winners can’t be completed without mentioning the name of Tahir Ali who won US$ 2 million in 2014. He was just a casual lottery participant who lived in Mississauga for more than seven years before winning big.

Buying this lottery ticket turns out to be the greatest decision of Ali’s life. He spent a significant portion of the winning amount on the child’s education apart from fulfilling his long-awaited wishes.

4) Ushakiran Patel

Ushakiran Patel can be considered one of the luckiest lottery winners who grab the prize of US$ 1 million during the November 2018 US Powerball lottery. An amazing thing about Patel was she didn’t go for any lucky number and just picked a random number from options available out there.

However, destiny has some other plans for this sexagenarian retiree who won the draw’s second position. She took home US$ 633,040 after-tax deduction that is a great amount for enjoying after-retirement life.

5) Pragnesh Peter Saija

Pragnesh Peter is an Indo-Canadian guy who won the Daily Grand lottery by buying a local store ticket. He won a whopping amount of $7 million that changed his life for good. Peter used his prize money to buy a large home with a number of amazing features.

Also, he invested a few portions of his winning for the future education of his child. It looks like Pragnesh Peter Saija is a true Indian family guy who cares for his loving ones.

6) Balraj Awasthi

Balraj Awasthi

Balraj Awasthi won more than US$ 12 million in a 6/49 lottery during February 2017. Working as a chef in Toronto, he couldn’t dream of earning such a huge amount by working even his whole life. Awasthi always dreamt of having his own business that becomes a reality with this win. 

In fact, he made few international trips about which Balraj thought from childhood. He is one of few South Asian origin people who won quite big in an international lottery. The Lotto 6/49 has made it possible for Balraj to live the life he always wishes for.

7) Lingaraju D

The next one is South Indian born Lingaraju D, who won more than half a million in the Mega Millions Max lottery in November 2020. He played this lottery on a very well-known site Lotto 24/7, and became one of India’s few international winners. Lingaraju was playing the lottery for a very long time, but he succeeded in winning Mega Millions Max at last. 

His winning could have become as huge as US$ 351 million if Lingaraju has matched all five digits. Still, winning US$ 0.52 million is a pretty large amount for a retiree in India. 

8) C.J

Although C.J isn’t his original name as the person prefers to keep identity anonymous, he won prize money of US$ 38,000 in an Austrian lottery. This amount may not be as high as other lotteries on the list, but still, it is definitely large enough to buy a luxury car in India.

This guy won this amount in November 2018 after trying his luck in endless lotteries. However, his luck shines with The Lotter where he signed up in 2017. He picked a random number that picked in the final draw by this Austrian lottery. 

Conclusion: Do you feel excited about knowing about these popular winners in international lotteries? We believe you now understand winning the lottery needs great luck, but you still have to buy the ticket. Don’t wait for the right opportunity and instead create one by buying a lottery today. Good luck!

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